Film and Campaign Ltd.

Film and Campaign Ltd.

South Queensferry, GB
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Amplifying the power of documentary: impact campaigns, NationBuilder services, livestream production. Founded in 2014 by Ben Kempas.


  • Architect
  • Developer

Industries served

  • Advocacy
  • Brand
  • Nonprofit
  • Political

Regions served

  • Central/South America
  • Europe/Middle East/Africa
  • North America

Political affiliations served

  • Nonpartisan
  • Progressive


In order for a documentary to have an impact, you’ll need the right digital tools to get organised.

NationBuilder software may be better known as a political campaigning tool, but we were the first to apply its power to the world of outreach work with documentaries. Actually, we wouldn't run one of our campaigns without using NationBuilder, and we want to enable you to do the same with your own campaign.

Our expertise will help you launch an action-focused website and organise and grow your own community using NationBuilder.

Based in Scotland but working for clients worldwide, including some work outside the film industry. We speak English, German, Spanish and Polish.

  • Project rate: database maintenance, consultancy and training from £45/hour ($65) · web design from £65/hour ($85) · bespoke websites from £3,000 ($4,000)
  • Contact: [email protected] · · Phone : +44 131 460 1600