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Middletown, DE US
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A global team expertly designing digital campaigns for non-profits, political candidates, thought leaders, and institutions from North America to Asia. We blend artistry and impactful narratives, providing premier online presences within sensible budgets.


  • Architect

Industries served

  • Advocacy
  • Brand
  • Nonprofit
  • Political

Regions served

  • Asia Pacific
  • Central/South America
  • Europe/Middle East/Africa
  • North America

Political affiliations served

  • Nonpartisan


My name is Victoria Puzach and my tight-knit, adept global team has consistently crafted influential digital campaigns and websites for thought leaders, political candidates, and esteemed educational institutions from North America to Asia for the past 10 years.

With each endeavor, we breathe life into our unwavering belief in visual storytelling, where elegance intertwines with compelling narratives. Our heart is set on championing impactful causes and campaigns, and our pledge is clear:

We deliver exceptional online narratives without burdening your budget in the shortest time possible.

When I say we are not afraid to commit to tight deadlines, I stand by it—like when we crafted, integrated, and transitioned a 20+ page custom design website for a Toronto mayoral candidate on Nation Builder—all in a mere 10 days.

With Infokus, you're not just partnering with developers; you're aligning with passionate global storytellers, fervently dedicated to echoing your mission's essence.

Check out a few of our recent projects below and s
chedule a free discovery call with me to assess if we are a good fit for your needs.

I look forward to exploring our collaboration,